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Here we can take a walking tour around a Nike Missile Magazine - commonly known as a "Pit"
We will start in the Magazine "Control Room", at the Control Panel with telephone headsets on each side.  The right side is for the Section Chief who has safety keys to be inserted in locks on the right side of the panel before firing.
As we leave the Control Room we pass through three blast doors in a "L" shaped hall.  Looking straight ahead we see the rear of the Magazine, and missile fins on our left.
On the right is a cutaway view of a Nike Magazine we will use for reference.
Escape hatch to the surface

Control Room

Launcher Control Panel for above ground launcher.

View from the rear of the Magazine back toward the Control Room hallway.
Walking along the back wall toward the elevator and turning left toward the front of the Magazine.
We have returned to the front wall of the Magazine, just outside of the hallway to the Control Room.  We are standing between two Hercules missiles looking toward the back wall.
We have moved to our left, beyond the second missile.  We are now looking across the elevator to a missile on the other side of the Magazine.
This is a closer view of the Launcher Control Panel seen in the picture just above (lower left corner area).  This panel controls a Launcher above ground.  The Control Panel in the Control Room can also control the above ground Launcher.
This is a picture of the elevator doors looking from the front of the Magazine.  Missiles are moved to aboveground using this elevator.
Some things not mentioned during our tour that might be of interest:
1.  Notice the ceiling in the photos where visible.  The Magazine ceiling was heavily reinforced.
2.  This elevator does not have a mounted Launcher.  This was a smaller "pit" converted for the Hercules
missile.  All four Launchers were above ground.
3.  There were two escape hatches - one from the Control Room and the second at the rear of the Magazine.
4.  The usual entrance and exit for the Magazine was the stairway to the right of the Control Room area.

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